Covid Risk Assessment

Contaminated surfaces spreading virusStaff / Students / Parents / Carers / Visitors1. Thorough clean of the studios and communal areas before the start of each day including wash of the studio floors / disinfect all barres, door handles, sinks and taps and toilets.
2. Disinfect and clean barres, door handles, between each class.
3. Remove all unnecessary items in the communal areas – eg. Bins, flyers, toys, magazines etc.
4. All staff and students to sanitise hands on entry and exit.
5. No use of props or mats in the class in order to limit what the students touch.
6. Children to go to the toilet at home before the class, to limit the use of the studio toilets.
7. No payments of cash.
1. Business Owner
2. Dance teacher
3. Business Owner
4. Business Owner / Dance teacher
5. Dance Teacher
6. Parents / Business Owner to advise of the instruction
7. Business Owner
Transmission of virus due to lack of social distancingStaff / Students / Parents / Carers / Visitors1. Parents / Carers to queue with relevant distance when dropping students off.
Markers on the ground in the communal areas, to show where to stand.
2. Entrance and exit to be different locations, in order to reduce the opportunity of two classes overlapping.
3. Use markers on the studio floors to provide students with their own safe dance space, maintaining safe social distancing from other dancers.
4. Remind students before each exercise, the importance of social distancing and not to move from their area.
5. No partner or group work in class to maintain social distancing.
6. Open any windows / doors in the studio, where and when possible, to maintain ventilation.
7. Parents / Carers are not to wait on the premises but drop off and wait in the car or ideally vacate the area to prevent congestion.
8. Parents / Carers to drop off and collect in a prompt and orderly fashion.
9. Parents / Carers to social distance at pick up area, following the signs for guidance.
10. Staggered class start times to prevent congestion and opportunities for contamination.
11. Provide a gap of 10/15 minutes between each class to enable responsible collection and cleaning of the studios.
12. Students will only be allowed to go to the toilet one at a time, to prevent congregation.
13. A maximum of 15 students in each class, dependant upon social distancing and space availability, following RAD strict guidelines and government advice.
1. Business Owner
2. Business Owner
3. Business Owner / Dance Teacher
4. Dance Teacher
5. Dance Teacher
6. Dance Teacher
7. Business Owner to advise parents / carers
8. Business Owner to advise parents / carers
9. Business Owner to ensure that signs are visible and clear
10. Business Owner
11. Business Owner / Dance Teacher
12. Dance Teacher
13. Business Owner
Spread of virus through lack of hygieneStaff / Students / Parents / Carers / Visitors1. Hand sanitiser to be available at the entrance and exit, and throughout the studios.
2. Everyone to be reminded to use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave via signs, verbal communication and posters
3. Remind students of the importance of hand washing should they need to use the toilet facilities.
4. Teacher to use hand sanitiser in between each class.
1. Business Ower
2. Business Owner / Dance Teacher
3. Dance Teacher
4. Dance Teacher
Lack of current and relevant information / guidanceStaff / Students / Parents / Carers / Visitors1. The Business Manager will check on a daily basis, the government updates and guidelines. Any key changes are to be communicated to staff / parents / carers.
2. All staff, students, parents, carers and visitors to be informed of the rules and procedures for social distancing and hygiene precautions.
1. Business Manager
2. Business Owner
Suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19Staff / Students1. Ensure a register is taken in each class to maintain accurate records and enable track and test regimes.
2. If a student is taken ill they will be sent home immediately and advised to follow Government guidelines regarding having a COVID-19 test.
3. If a student is taken ill and has to wait to be picked up, they will be kept away from other staff / students in a well ventilated area if possible.
4. If a member of staff is taken ill, they will go home immediately and another member of staff will take over the class, if possible. They will take a COVID-19 test.
5. If any staff / student has a confirmed case of COVID-19 then all contacts will be informed and advised to follow Government guidelines regarding self isolation.
1. Dance Teacher
2. Dance Teacher
3. Dance Teacher
4. Dance Teacher
5. Business Owner

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